Saturday, December 05, 2009

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Friday night and safter a relax on the sofa I was well and truely bored. So I gave Beardy a call and

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We went to the Rainbow. It was cold so I couldn't bear walking any further. Although Beardy did say he didn't mind walking further until he froze to death!

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So in the Rainbow we studied the nice looking selecton in the menu. Watch the last Celebratie Get Me out of Here - and it was the first one I saw which puzzled any one who tried to ask me about who was going gone and this is the last one isn't it? huh I dunno.

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Luckily enough though the Rainbow had two ale drinks on - Pedigree and Cumberland Ale. Which I'm sure Deadmanjones would call ater dish water. To me though it was a fine drink that went down easily. Beardy agreed to. For some reason the pub was staying open until midnight. But we left at regular hours as Beardy had to be up in the morning to meet Jack frost and his trolleys.

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  1. I don't know where you hgot that impression of me from, jennings is a fine brewery.



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