Sunday, December 06, 2009

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Saturday night and only one thing goes with Cobra....

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Beardy, my brother and a dam good curry. We study the menu and plumb for the same thing as usual.

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Well I say usual but Beardy has a curry as well so thats 6 popadums, 2 chilli packoras, 2 Zalfrazi hot, 1 tikka malsala, 3 nans and 3 cobras please.

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From the curry house we head between the big yellow signs and the green lazer show to the Possada. Where would you belive it.....

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They have Cumberland ale. And so we start to try and empty the barrel.

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A few drinks in and my belly is full to the brim. All the food I guess.

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Well time to go home and get some kipp. I take a scenic picture of Wolverhampton while waiting around and oddly these girls think I'm talking a pictur of them. Mind they don't seem dissapointed when I go on to explain how beautiful Wolvo is at night and they start to stagger away as if I'm mentally retarded.


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