Saturday, December 12, 2009

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Saturday and it was finaly time to put up some christmas decorations. So out with the solar powered LED lights from Maplins. And I thought we could do with some more so I got 2 additional sets. And when they arrived the wiring is well cheaper and the flashing functions are different. In all they're just not as good as the ones from last year. So a thumbs down for these now.

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The ice ligths I put up around the house.

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And I got some new ones from Tescos, although I new I should have brought the 480 bulb pack. ah dam it.

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In doors I got the decorations out too. The grand optical christmas tree was....

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adornded with as many ballballs as I could possibly land my hands on.

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Come Saturday night and it was down the cossy Anchor for a festive meal with all my friends. A wonderful evening of merryment but where were the crackers and party hats? Looks like the credit crunch has put away to these. They even suggested we should have brought our own. Having reading the booklet though it doesn't say anywhere that they would provide any. But then it doesn't say they would provide any beer either so perhaps we should have took our own of that too?


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