Monday, December 14, 2009

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Sunday night I went off to the LG Arena by train. What a great choice that was. First it was an accedent on the Wolvo ring road so the traffic was going no where, then there didn't seem to be any trains going via the NEC but I had a choice of 3 to New Street. I took the Virgin Express which seemed to take an odd route to Brum. Then it went past Tesco's! Erm I only no one Tesco's in Brum. Then it went past my office block! Then it stopped at the next station for ages before someone decided to announce that a train had broke down and was in fact causing mayhem at New Street station hence the delay. As I got off I spotted a train to Coventry. Ran up the stairs checked the boards and the train I had spotted was still there so I ran down to that and then sat there on that train going nowhere for good time. All brillant this as Rog had my concert ticket on him! Anyway it got me there...

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Now it was only thanks to Rog that I got this ticket as normally I wouldn't venture to the NEC to see a gig. In fact I'd rather be put throught the punishment of watching a bunch of blokes kicking a ball around in tight fitting T-shirts and shorts on a bit of grass know as the Moulinuex Stadium for 90 mins than come here.

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But it would appear that they have managed to buy a bulk load of pink lights and decorations and do the place up. In fact what it was missing was a bunch of blokes in tight fitting T-shirts and shorts, but at least you can now not only buy beer to watch the concert with, or even ice cream but you can get a curry as well. In fact the whole area is very nicely done and a great surprise.

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Rog and Phil were both happy I could make it, I guess because they had waited outside for so long ;P

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With 3 warm premuium priced Carlsbergs the concert began. Rog had kindy got us seats in the sky. In fact you could sit any high so the view was well great.

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Dave even strutted his stuff and danced with his microphone stand just like the old days. He need to be carful at his age surely?

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The atmosphere was great and the next 3 premium priced beers were cold and great.

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As per every Depehemode concert waving your hands around is a must.

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Now I was offered a lift home and after the train in some 2.5 hours of that I thought this would be a good idea. I'll give you it was quicker than the train but only by 30minutes. Ahhhhhh so late and its Sunday night. Or rather I was pointed out its Monday morning, why go to bed?

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Now I couldn't resist a bargin. I could have had one T-shirt at £22-5 quid or these two at £15 each.

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Although the girl did seem adiment they should be £37 I did point out that they are £15 each. oh yeah? Yeah baby.......

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