Saturday, December 26, 2009

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Boxing Day and after trying not to eat anything as my belly was already aching from eating too much I went round the Greenies for Tea and to play with the kids. However Uncle Matt had a different idea about sharing the kids. Which was fine to be honest. Let him wear them down first.

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Sara made a lovely dinner and even provided us adultsw with something to play with inbetween courses. She'd scattered about all over the table cloth some stars. So I did a lovely house.

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Martin on the other hand was dreaming of his beautiful wife...

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obviously, but where is her head Martin????

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The finished house complete with smoke from ther chimney and a path to the door.

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With a fuller than ever belly (blame the cheese cake). I walked home to try and lose some calories from the exercise and via loss of body heat too. I doubt it had any effect though.


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