Friday, January 01, 2010

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New Years Day and guess what? Its icy cold outside. Theres a few things to get sorted today.

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Like fitting all the lugauge in the car and the top box. Oddly though we strruggle to close the top box. But after a rejiggle with the ski equipment in there, having all the boots and helmets on the drivers side, ski and poles in the middle and the double board bag on thepassenger side it does close properly. Oddly though there seems to be more and more bags coming out of the house.

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For New Years dinner we ended up at the Anchor. My brother made a big fuss ab out perhaps they were closing early but as I told him but wouldn't listen I'd already asked two weeks prior when they were serving food untill on New Years Day?

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And so we enjoyed a good meal together before our early start tomorrow.


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