Saturday, January 02, 2010

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So we set off nice and early,m crack of dawn about 7am. The roads are quiet and I drive to the Shell station at Cannock, fill up with feul and then head off towards bridgetown and onto the Toll Road heading south Dover bound. Not onbe for using the over priced toll and to be frank the M6 was most likely empty, I just want to make sure though that we where in time for the ferry.

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So we arrived at Dover with 30 minutes to spare for a change. However there was an exstensive que to get through the border check point crossing. One that took 40 minutes. Luckily the ferry was running half an hour late. I explained that while we hadn't got a wheel chair we could do with a lift. We were given a ticket and lane number and off we went to que the car in the high section lane.

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The ferry turned up and offloaded. Our que lane was so large we wern't actually in the lane hence our veiw. When we were loaded on we weren't placed by a lift but at the front of the boat. So there was room to open the car doors a bit wider but I could see that it was probably going to be easier to use the stairs than try to negolate my mom between all the cars to the lift further back down the boat. This of course meant that when leaving the boat, we waited for the rush of people to get down to the car deck before negoaiagting my mom down the stairs, to the car and making her comfortable in the car all taking some time. Which was great because our car being at the front pissed everyone else off as the couldn't leave the boat even though the doors where open. What was the rush?????

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Once on the boat we had a relax, some food, fish and chips did some shopping and generaly enjoyed the P&O cruise across the channel.

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And so once out of the boat we were on French soil. Clear blue skies and we were off.

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We stopped for air at some point

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along wiht fuel coffee and a sandwhich near Riems.

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It got darker and darker, as per a lot of Frnace no ambient light from near by settlements no no street lights.

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We had another rwst stop or two and guess what.

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It was also now snowing!

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We arrived at Dole around 10pm at the pre booked Etap.

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oh how I love to stop at an Etap.

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