Thursday, January 07, 2010

Another day but no new snow in Morzine.

The weather looks fine so today we are going for an excusion.

And so it is back over to the Suprer Morzine Lift as per yesterday morning.

And as per usual over here is quiet.

After a few warm up runs we start our way along the flat run to Avoriaz.

We pass through Avoriaz, looking nothing like yesterday.

We choose the same lift up to the top and sit back for a while.

We scout around the slopes looking for the correct lift to take us to the Swiss boarder.

And here it is. Not obvous by the map but we don't have to use the ugly looking drag lift. This chair should do.

There is a draw back though. While the drag lift drags you 100% there. The chair lift dosen't I get off my board and walk towards the tunnel under the drag lift.

At the top there is a restuarnt ande I head for it.

Not just for a pee but for a last cup of tea and some cake before committing to a slope I probably didn't really want to do.

Well the tea and cake were good, and a dam good idea.

We have a quick look at the map and decide on our route after the Great Swiss Wall.

And so we leave the resturant refuelled and ready to.

The route to Switzerland is easily identifiable by the signs. But here's no need for this sign post.

erm what does that sign say??? If you start down you must get all the way down even if you break your leg before help will come to you! How nice.

It is hard crust ice and I edge to the well edge and try and look over.

I look over the edge but there is no. This is worrying.

As per the wise words of my instructor what colour is this piste. and I look at the icy surface and decide to go the cowards way down and live another day. I think my brother is relieved too!

And so we ride the chair lift down to save our energy for the journey ahead.

Once off and we look back on what we had missed. And weather I was truley going to give the double drag lift back to the top a go. It was clear that there was a significant amount of skiers on it and no snowboarders. It was step and long. Even more worringly they wanted you to share the lift. I make it clear there no other snowboarder to share with put the T bar between my legs and start the journey of pain off. In ost cases I wouldn't both but no pain no gain and..

Once at the top my brother asked how I managed to stay on all the way.

Well the book said this is a must red run. The longest in the Portes De Soleil, theres no other way to get to it.

Now the first bit of the run is red. And after an inital part it narrows. Where we met a ski scholl that had stopped. We stopped and waited. So the instructor had stopped everyone becuase it was very icy suddenly over a patch. And everyone seemed worrid. Well the the instructor showed them how to ride over it. But they all seemed to worried. Fed up with hanging around I got up and headed across and fell over on the ice. Got up, fell over, got up, fell over, got up, fell over, ohh god now near the cliff edge help! I just make it across. It didn't seem to help the group spur on. In fact I wonder how long it took the instructor to get them across once I'd shown them how ;)

Well there somthing about this run that isn't mentioned. Yep its darn pretty down here in this off beat valley. But hey its flat. In fact its the flattest red run I've ever come across! In fact its worse than that. After this bridge its bloody uphill!!!!!

I'm not the only snowboard deluded.

We get off our snowboards and enjoy the scenic walk. Well I'm so dam glad I suffered for so long on that dragg lift.

Eventually there was some gradient and the route was so dam pretty afterall.

But I was glad to reach the bottom Grand Paraids. Nothing here though than a car park and a chair lift up up and away.

And so we went up to find some altitude.

At the top of this lift there was only one way to go.

And that was more up.

This took us to the top of the main Champery cable car.

To my brothers dissapointment I wanted to go down it and into Champery. He couldn't see why, but that was beside the point.

And so we go down.

And here in Champery waht do we find?

A railway station right at the cable car.

There is a bar as well but the rest is mainly residential buildings. A big dissapointment.

Well there was no point hanging around here and more to the point any point staying here in the future.

At the top my brother is eager to do what we came to France to do. But he only wants to go in one direction and thats back over the mountain to France. But how do we get back??

The route back would look obvious on the map but one of the lifts isn't working! Great. AndI hate drags which are two a penny in the Swiss area.

After an encircle and end back at the cable car it is obvous which way it is. How could we have missed it?

And before you know it we are back in France at point De Mossetts.

Its a long way down to Morzine from here and its by gravity.

We went al the way down to Ardents in fact before

Heading over to Chatel for a run down.

Which was a nice blast. Oddly I was exhusted!

Once back over to the Lindants area we had a stop. A lovely cup of tea and cake.

And so after a ski around the woods we headed back to Avoriaz.

And then the piste area towards the Super Morzine lift.

As usual expertly timed.

One more drag lift and then to the bottom.

Where we catch the gondala down.

And while it seemed like a lot of going knowhere this morning the miles we did today was quite impressive. The wall will keep till Matt reutrns with me here one day.

Exhuasted we give in for the night.


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