Thursday, April 22, 2010

At the breakfast table the cat said "Youknow whats going to happen today don't you?"I reply "your going on the special K deit for 2 weeks?"She replied "Don't be silly, if you don;t it eat it I don't want it either. Your goig to come across the hoyl grail".Me " I am???"Later that night I go swimming with younger sneior Poade who gives me a box. A box I havn't seen for a very very long time. A box I gave to someone to keep safe. A box that containted.....The grail itself.It was great to get it back in the hands of the righfull owner.And now they could be kept along side each other for many many years.I have to do some big manovering in the old tat collection to fit them both togeather.And here they are to collect dust forever more......

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