Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter sunday and the cat is guarding my Easter eggs.

I'm not usre if she thinks she is doing me a favour or if she just wants a bit of chocolate?

I start with the Thortons egg to see how thick it is. Nice. and well tastes nice but then this is dark chocolate.

Later while the weather is fine I take the oppurtunity to service the old Eunos.

I've had the service kit all week but not being well I've not gone out to sort it.

They say you can tell a lot by the condition of the spark plugs. Well to me the electrodes look alright. The black soot suggest its running rich, and the oily tops that the rock cover gasket is leaking slightly.

And here is one of those ebay not so bargains. But what is is I hear you cry. Well its one of these....

An inlet manifold. Now the advert said they had the part for a year and it wasn't yet fitted so he was never going to round to it. What he didn't say was read the manual on how to change this because if he had it states ' Now comes the frustratingly hard part - refitting it" brilliant.

As it happens though I actualy found it harder to get off than put on.

As the neighbour put it, "nice but hows' going to see it!"

And so it brings me ask why th eTesco manager at Satfford cannot manage to keep the shelf for the Makies ice full? Obvously a good seller or there would be some here???? Is Beardy running this place?

I did get a copy of 'Sticky and Sweet' DVD and CD though and with 500 bouns points. You should have seen me runnig up and down the isle with that offer. In factt I have 9 copies now.

And to end the end and to piss Virgin Media off even more I have joined last FM. Now I can leave this web site streaming 24/7 with the volume turned off. giggle. It is oh so useful to have 8 meg broadband after midnight and only about 300K between 4pm and midnight. Whats the point in that???? I guess its a Beardy idea.

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