Monday, April 05, 2010

Les rings me and although I'm asleep I ring him back. I know he wnats to go out on one of our mad bank holiday outings.
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Well I suggested going to see the waterfalls we still had not seen down Breacon way. Are there more waterfalls we hav'nt seen? oh course there are Les, down the other river. And so we set off in the car for 2 1/2 hours in search of nothingness. And when we got there we could find what we were looking for.

There was lots of nothingness but not what we were looking for. And Les's map didn't help alothough now he maybe a bit unhappy about the number of looser pages.

And so in nothingness we eventually find what we are looking for dow a lane marked not suitable for coaches. Well it must be down here if they try to bus people in. Sure enough it wasn't sutiable for coaches.

We are here. But oddly enough we already new that. But where are we ah Pont Melin-Fach.

So if we follow the purple path down to the green loop and come back that will cover all the water falls.

Looks worth the walk.

And this other one.

Well this is the first waterfall we come across. Impressive but very tall.

Is this one big enough for you then Nack?

Are you coming down to get nice and wet?

Well I did, on both accounts.

Les persudes me to carry on walking.

Ohhhh take a look at te size of this one.

The bridge is only really relevant if you watch the video at the end. Somthing to do with Les's weight and not mine ;)

We make our way down the bank and onto the dry, well kind of rock river bed. Les wants to get closer.

As we get closer it gets well rather slippy.

What do you mean this isn't close enough?

Trust me I'm never wrong- this just isn't close enough.

10 minutes later he has slipped slid and well just about made it as far you can go.

Told you I could get closer.

I get the feeling Les wants a natrual shower of some kind.

We walk down the valley to the next waterfall. How exciting this one is.

Then it is a fair distance to the next, but befoe we get there we have to change to the green route.

Do you think this bridge is safe? Not witht the two of us on it I don't.

Told you it would be worth it.

Yep very impressive. But you know what I'm thinking of?????

Just how close we can get without get our feet wet?

How close you can get without getting your hair wet?

Well my feet are wet, my hair is wet and my stomach is thining fish and chips.

Now we have come to the top can you see where we can any fish and chips?

And so I talk Les into heading back to the car.

And its amazing how far we have walked.

One long muddy walk back and well I can see the car thankgod.

Well that 30 minutes seemd like erm 2 hours.

Ah a seat and some warmth. What do you mean your changing into some new clothes?

Of course my feet arn't went. Thery are just muddy.

Les now listen to me. Head south towards Swansea.

Not far now but can you remember the last bit on how to get there?

oooh there it is.

I want my food. Food Les you don't get it this is going to fill my belly for the first time in week.

Ahhh I think my stomach has shrunk...

And so we leave Welsh Wales and head back to Merry England.


Enjoy the video.....



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