Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday we get up, take the car and fill it up before heading over to the port.

I wander if my dad minds too much all this mileage. It reallyt doesn't matter on Cavalier.

We drive on the ship and by the looks of it could park sideways if we wanted.

And today we are sailing on the Pride of Kent once more.

We go for breakfast and shopping as you do.

Well its not the first time I've been on one of these ghost ships.

We arrive back in misserable Britain. ok Great Miserable Britian.

We get in the car and head through the customs and onto the A2 I think I took by error. But it makes a change. And guess what. There snow everywhere here too.

We stop as per most cases at Toddington services. Don't like them myself. And I don't really know why I need up stopping here every time. Just need a rest and

And a good old Burger King meal. Nice. A few hours latter we are back home and someone wakes me up from the nap I'm having.


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