Friday, January 08, 2010

The next morning I have a lazy one as my mom is having another lesson today.

We get her ready and before you know it..

it is time to start walking to the center of the village for some dinner before we hit the slopes.

The art is trying to choose something which isn't going to make you too full.

We go up the lift with all the kit.

Dump it outside and take my mom in the resturant to get her boots on.

It is crowded at the top here today as the weather is bad. I set off to see if I can find the instructor for my mom.

As you can see he is showing off to my mom!

We set off leaving my mom with my dad and the instructor. We whizz down the hill to drop her shoes and stick in the car at the car park below.

Looking back the instructor is helping my mom with her ski postioning, erm.

At least the snow is soft and playable. Must look old a snowboarder with a walking stick.

Bagless we play in the snow and

cloud. Where is that sun???

Before you know it, it is time to meet the parents back at the resturant.

My dad looks exhusted, which is odd as

my mom has loved every moment of it.

The top area is quiet now, all lessons and beginers have given in for the day due to the weather.

And so we join them.

My mom has liked it so much again she wants one more lesson if she can have one tommorrow. So we head of to the ESF office to see, and they find someone who will. Yet a different instructor but there you go, thats what happens when you book them one at a time.

And so we head back towards the apartment.

passing all the shops busy with people how came down early.

Back in the apartment what do we have for tea. Yep Aussie fish and chips again. A ski holiday is so healthy.

Once fed we settle down to watch the Lion King on the big screen.

While I write some post cards and ahave a beer before going to bed.


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