Saturday, March 20, 2010

Saturday morning I get up early and collect my brother. Today we are heading down south after

a flutter on ebay.

Following the damage to my snowboard, when we got home on the Sunday I decided to start te search formy next snowboard depressed that I was finally going to have to say goodbye to using my Nitro Suprateamin the er near future

I went on ebay that night and tried Atomic Alibi, but I didn't see a bored I wanted, so I put in Suprateam and went through the hoards of rough boards that were on offer. But the very last item on the page was for a Limited Edition L.H. one nearly like what I have. At £199 with a bag and bindings it wasn't a bad price and it was to end in the morning. I placed a bid even though I was bit strapped for spare cash having come off holiday a few hours before. Noone else bidded and it was mine!

So if you head down to Brighton via the M40 we can confirm there are no services after OXford until Peas Cottage. And believe me my bladder and my brothers was bursting by then.

So we filled up on coffee and bacon butties, and I gave the chap a call to confirm I would be about half an hour away.

We nip around the outskirts were my sat nav has a wobbler and suddenly says go left at the next exit that is in fact a slip road onto the bypass. I kid you not it showed an arrow on the screen that went up the slip road. I obvously ignored this and carried on.

And in Brighton we made the exchange. The chaps dad who I collected it off couldn't believe I would drive all the way from Wolvo for a board until he understood it was the same board I already had and you can no longer get them.

We drove across the front of the area looking for a space to park. Here's me forgetting about the dire parking in this place.

So once reaching on end of Brighton we turn around and start back heading west looking for a parking space and chip shop.

It is a long drive.

But one not in vain. The car is parked and

right outside this chip shop. there is everything you could ever want on the menu and is cooked to ordered by what looks like a proper cheif.

We get back in the car do a U-turn from the park spot with wheels spinng to well get down this side road we had passed so that we could park up next to the stoney shore.

Nice enough area.

If a bit windy.

There is definetly sea inthe air here. And what lovely fish and chips this is.

My brother sits down to eat his.

enjoying the weather.

Obviously thinking why am I do this?

When he should be thinking are these crows going to attack me?

Especialy as they are big crows.

We sit and enjoy the fresh air.

can you taste it in the air?

On the way back we go via Bath and Bristol. The scenic route. If there's one thing we have seen today onthe motrway thats a hell of a lot of rain.

by the time we get home it is dark and have cover 487 miles.

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