Saturday, January 09, 2010

Saturday morning. The good thing about this apartment is the change over day is Sunday. Hence you get Saturday on the slopes the quietest day.

We head past bar Robinson and

intod the square where we await for the bus to come.

We get chatting to a chap there how is staying up in a chalet up yonder, and he stays there quiet regularly as he owns it. Very nice. OK enough of this conversation this blokes just making me envious.

And so we enjoy the bus ride up to Nyon.

The bus drops you right at the door.

Oh bum there is a qeue. Mostly poeple trying to get at the chalets in the mountains by the looks of it. Convenient for sking but not much else I imagine, or Bar Robinson.

Well on the mountains it is quiet and cold.

very,.which was great to play in.

a pretty too.

but cold.

We did a blue run that we seemd to have missed in the pass from the top of the Chamiaz lift. Or perhaps we had just dissmissed it being blue. Anyway we gave it ago and being so queit it was nice nice track tree lined run. a nice surprise.

From here it was up the Tetras and back on the main Nyon slopes.

We scout around the area for a while enjoying the wide open slopes to ours and the lifts.

until my brother decides he needs to stop and visit some trees!

From here we head all the way down to the bottom back to the Nyon cable car.

which while a great run down the mountain ment there was a few hundred stairs to climb to actualy get to the cable car., Doh.

Back up the mountain it was time to head over to Plenny to meet my parents for the lesson we had booked for my mom. They seemed to have all the snow cannons on.

Not far now even the Plenny lift was in veiw.

However a lot of runs over here were closed and I wasn't even sure the run we were on was open!

At the bottom I call Dad who says they are having dinner and will see us after I forwarn them to wear extra layers today as its so chily out here.

And so up the lift we go.

and decide to have dinner ourselves.

We park our gear up and head on in.

Allowing my hat to defrost.

Not long and our belloies are being filled witha baguette for my brother and a huge portion of fries and omletee for me.

We get back on the piste and head on down to help dad with the gear.

But they have apparently made it up the moutain already and are waiting in the top resturant.

At the top of Plenny the cloud has come down and its a bit bleak.

I find the instructor who speak very little English, is vey tall, very popular with the kids and has had many teeth replaced. along with this he seems to have some medals on his uniform.

Anyway he gets my mom on the chairlift again and all seems well.

There is nothing like a racer and very slowly but I think this is the case - I'm not talking about my mom either.

While my mom is having her lesson we play around the slopes.

At the end of it she is full of joy and happyness.

We had a few more runs until my mom was tired and then retreated. The weather was closing in further anyway.

You see my point.

I instited my mom wor a hat today which she doesn't like doing.

But even hair froze today

We gather our gear up for one last time and head to the lift qeue.

A qeue of lots of little ones.

A sad moment, the end of sking for a while. -8 deg C too and it feels it.

and before you know it we are buzzing down the lift.


We walk acroos the town for the last time.

the place looking pretty once more.

Back at the flat we have a mad packing session

And outside the snow starts falling. Not quiet what I wanted for tommorrow.

For dinner we have a table booked across the road again.

And Le Dez Alpe does not let us down. Much buisier tonight.

We are looking so forward to our meals.

And we are not dissapointed either!

Even my dad has a dessert this time.

Outsdie we cross the road back to the apartment. Erm. The snow is still falling :( might have to use those chains dam it.


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