Saturday, January 23, 2010

These came in the post. Well they didn't just come I ordered them as they were on offer from MX5parts. OK they weren't cheap - but compare to others they're a good buy.

Old rubber pedals.

A few hours latter this shiney set are on.

Oddly while the middle 2 just have rubber backings that fit over the metal of the pedals these were a real bugger to fit compared to the outer ones which need a drill. Very frustating but worth it. Obvoiusly now I will not have my eyes on the road whilst driving. Nope they be looking at my feet!

I also ordered a weather strip for the drivers door as the other had become rather tatey.

And for the Cav I got another bluetooth unit from

A bargain at £3.99. Had my last one from maplins was £14.99 and that was half price!


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