Saturday, March 20, 2010

Well after a long journey there's nothing nicer than a curry at Jivan's and a few Cobra beers.

And on this occassion we flumix the lady by saying that we are not having the usual but trying something different off the menu. My brother has a Boohna.

I have a Chicken Chilli Zeera with cumin.

And Beardy lets us down by having his usual.

A chap who is sitting on the table next to us gets talkiing to me. He has obvoulsy had a skin full and is telling me how he is going back to the pub to deck someone. When he tries to leave he is asked if he has forgot anything by the waitress. He looks puzzelled and she say you have forgot to pay. Now he didn't eat much of the stuff he ordered and he had seemed to order a lot. Before he left he gave us 3 chippatis and a bottle of wine! So you my be surprised when after about twenty minutes later he came back and ordered yet another meal. He was whisked away from us though when he entered the door and was sat else where. Oh life is a joy.


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