Sunday, February 21, 2010

Well what do you know I've gone and brought some more ties! Not just ties though...

but also some RayBrig lights in the blue tint.

They are the best you can get. Which you may ask didn't your particular car come with them on already? Well yes but a thought having blue tint ones would look nice. So a wedge of cash less in my wallet and now I have these.

The ones on my Eunos are clear ones. You'll see or not the differences later.

Or maybe now. The one on the left is the new one.

and so on with fittting them.

Putting the silver holding in place shroud is probaly the hardest bit.

On with the outer cover and this side is done.

I give them a test and confirm they shine as white as the originals. er bum.

Well it had the best and it got well no better. Now thats value for money.

However my brother Eunos is fitted with some orignal cheap rubbish lights. So instead ofebaying the old one I give them to him.

Plain nasty.

We should get this picture framed. My brother moving a muscle!

Well he's got it off.

And on with my old RayBriggs oh you wait till its dark. Those drivers coming at you will need there sun glasses!


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