Thursday, May 06, 2010

So one dinner time a met a man on Star City car park to make an exchange. And here we now have an original playstation. And not just a playstation.

Along with the 100 dogy disks and an original joypad it also came with this joystick and

and this one too...

And this CD moive card which plugs in the back and...

a mouse! and....

a link cable and....

an emulator 2, infact a couple of these kind of things

The goldfinger card does what its meant to mind...

A cartridge so you can connect your pc, but why would you want to?

A light gun, which of course won't work on an LCD tv.

a stering wheel and some pedals.

and so I power the beast up.

oh here come the memories....

and the retro game is about to begin.

and one then ponders, why back in 1994 did I pay about £400 for one of these. Well I'm looking for a sega master system (the original) and a phillips G7000 next.

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