Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday and I fancied a curry for tea. And so did my brother. However I was not sure weather Beardy did or not. The chap doesn't take his phone to work so it is really annoying if you want to get hold of him to ask him. I leave him a message pondering if I will ever get an answer from him or not?

Round my brothers house I find his cats sunbathing. Well I think they are sunbathing or they are dead, one or the other.

Ask luck has it I do get a call from Beardy. Yes he wants to go to the curry house but no he doesn't want a curry. He's just had his tea. However he is very thirsty.

He drinks his first beer rather quickly followed by several others while me and my brother have our usual indian feast.

We have a fair few of these and it hits Beardy a bit and has the following result.

He actually goes out and has a walk before returning. Which is good news really as we have been in the curry house for around four hours and consumed many beers. At the end of it we have a rather sobbering bill!

We leave and go and check out Wolverhamptons latest vandel proof bus stop. Nice but no style or character. A plastic blob on side of a 'tradishional Wolverhampton street'

Beardy comments on the fact that I will take a photo of anything.

And that he is very right about!


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