Sunday, June 06, 2010

I thought I'd have a go at installing the Sat Nav multi media box.

In with the removal keys to pull the unit out.

And hey presto.

Here is the back of the unit with a few wires to choose from.

Well the stuff on the label is in German. But what I want is a 12V postive and a !"V switched with the ignaition and a negative. The negative and always on postive are easy.

But which is a 12V switched ignition? Well it turns out to be the S-Kont wire. Although the power doesn't go until you remove the key completly. Odd.

Anyway, I havn't finished wiring it and I'm not sure how too to be honest. I have seen video on the screen and I get sound fine. But if its on you cannot get control of anything else on the system. Anyway. Step one sound on its own is fine, we'll go from there.


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