Saturday, June 12, 2010

I thought it might be best to check out my Tesco 2 man tent for 13 quid, incase it was a bit small. So I got it out and...

Compose your own music while watching.....

Vowla. At first I thought that this has been miss-sold as a two man tent. Its more like a 1.5 man tent. Yep its small. Yep with two in it, it certainly would be cossy. Too cosy for comfort maybe. Now if it was a 1 man and 1 woman tent I could see the possibilites. But no Tesco's have definetly sold this as a tent for boy on boy action. Its a 2 man tent! Now I'm considering the possiblites of my 4 man tent. I'm thinking of it should really be a called a gang bang tent perhaps??? Yeah right I'll shut up.

The cat decides to check the tent out. Now this worrid me for a moment, is she going to think its a large litter tray perhaps?

No thankgod.

What do you mean can I get it back in the bag??

Of course I can...


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