Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well Sunday was exciting for me. I sorted out the exhaust trim on the Skoda.


While my cat and my dad took it easy.

I put the homebase solar lightsa up and waited for the sun to do its stuff.

I thought my dad may well want to drill something so for fathers day I got him the ultimate 204 drill bit set. Most exciting. Now what can I get him to drill?

The family went out to The Barnes for another impressive meal. Me stuffed but still forced and I mean it - forced some cheesecake down me while everyone else watched and wished they had ordered some too.

Back home I sprayed my walking boots with a can, yes a can of water replent and prayed it would do the trick for the up coming event.

I gave the car a wash and pondered. How dirty will Alan get it in a few days time?

The tomatoe plant in the JML topsey turvey is starting to make some progress but nothing like the ones in the front of the house.

And this is my latest recipe for disaster. A strawberry plant which is well looking like its giving up before its even trying!

As the night very slowly drew in I awaited to see.....

the HomeBase solar lights come on.


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