Saturday, June 19, 2010

Went to Home base and borught a few plant s with my mom. When I mean a few I mean a stack. Lots, loads, many. and some solar lights (more of that latter) From there we drove across thecar park and went to Maplins. I got this torch, 30 seconds of shaking and you gety 5 mins of bright illumination. Just like my head really. And we brought some more solar lights while we were there!

Then I nipped out and got my hair cut. Good god how it had grown with out me noticing!

Later on I went back round the Greenies. They had the playdoh present out I got Emma. Best of all Greenie was hovering while the kids playdohed the carpet behind him!

It was nice to see them playing with it so intensly.

Keeping them both amused at the same time.

Having watched 14 Trap Doors yesterday the theme for playdo moved from ice creams to the Trap Door characters.

Sara showed us her bear she made earlier.

Then started to show off by making another Berk, while all I could create was a wormy something from out of the trap door.

A close up of the very impressive Berk.

Then she did Boney.

And then me.

Very fetching but I'm not sure about that hair!

My head is put in a prominet place - which I'm sure the kids will love to squah later!

I dont think very are this quiet when they sleep. Playdoh seemed to be better for Lego - well for a while.

Yes I'll have another ice cream thankyou Emma. But they all seem to be chocolate once now?

Of course I don't mind having the waitress's finger in the ice cream as its served. Yummy.

And on that note I just wanted to Know why Rog from Trap Door - AKA Beardy was never made!



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