Saturday, July 03, 2010

I brought one of these of Ebay. My first plug in game console I ever had. The G7000 was renowned for a having a keyboard. That was well pretty pointless. You could use it to type your name in if you got a high score. But then when you changed game. Goodbye text!

And I got these games with it. OHHHHHHH GOODIE

Once I remembered that you have to plug the areial lead in and tune the TV hey presto we had whizzed back in time to the well was it late seventies or earliy eighties?

Get a load of these full colour graphics!

Some imagination went into these games. It knida reminds me of why did they invent CAD in the early days. Hence why did they bother doing games either?

And so here we have a game with half a B5 page of instructions. And well it bafelled us Just what would the kids of today think of this??

Later I went to the pub.

with Beardy and my brother. Beardy was thrilled to be here.

But all that mattered was the chilled larger that had been brought all the way from Check in a Skoda lorry was a about to hit my lips. The lager not the lorry.

Beardy however didn't care where it came from. He wasn't going to drink it nor be happy.

When it got a bit colder we headed indoors and sat in the armchairs up the corner. This did make Beardy happy and we changed to Tiger.

I had a bag of Burt's crisps. Noted these weren't made in Newport like most the others. No these where made in Devon. Now that sounds nice. But read the packet more closely and its an industrial unit in Plymouth. Now that doesn't have quiet the same pleasant ring to it as Devon does it?

Well it ends up being a lovely night of too much beer drinking and well talking rubbish, but it was nice and I enjoyed it. Here's to Burt and his fryer.


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