Saturday, July 10, 2010

I went to Wolverhampton 4 sight early to have eyesight test and to get some new glasses. The coating on my vission express l;ense is coming off again so I'm defecting to somewhere that is offering me a two year guarantee. After a very thorough exame, I went around the rest of Wolvo for a fair few hours, almost seven in fact.

I brought some more solar quid lamps and put them in the front garden. I ponder how long they will stay there before being taffed.

The tomatoe plants are coming on well if only they woul;d flower and produce some tomatoes. ITs so big that I had to get some more tressel and tie the plant up.

On closer examination though things look promising.

So yummy I hope when fully grown.

And the plant in the back looks healthy enough, it just doesn't do much.

While I was looking at the plants I repoted this yukka, fed it and well I'm going to stand back for the biggest yukka ever.

While I was doing something I got my snowboards out and drilled some hole sin them to put a 'rear end guard' on them both. I know soddin exciting stuff.

I also brought 3 more ties. I know work will highly appreciate the two on the left!

I don't know why but I went into Beatties and brought this well over priced shirt. Gulp went the card machine.

I also went into the sad game stoe I brought Wolfenstein and wait for it....

Vancover 2010! I know this isn't great but I fancied playing something a bit different.


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