Sunday, July 25, 2010

With Naughty Norf's and Kirsty's wedding coming up I thought I check out where it was going to be as it was a nice day.

So off I took my mom for whirlwind ride out.

At the War Memorial in the middle of the countryside is Davenport House.

Here is the pub

Here is the one shop.

Here is the very narrow lane up to the church.

And here is the what seems to be large church in the smallest village in the middle of nowhere? Must be a sizeable congregation each week then.

Round the back and up a hill for a mile is the Vicarge Hotel.

Looks nice.

And so we zoomed onto Bridgenorth, Broseley and Madley before cutting back through Shifnal and

having a pit stop at the Bell Inn at Tongue.

And its got to said that this is a really big burger. It may not look like it in this photo but

Believe me it is.

Sometimes its just really nice to have a car you can drop the roof on and enjoy the wind in your hair experience......


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