Saturday, August 07, 2010

Everyone gets up for breakfast apart from me and Les

What do you mean you want something to eat asked Beardy. Why the hell didn't you get up for breakfast then?

We wander around Edingburgh basking in the lovely Scotish sunshine.

What the hell you brought us here for asks Les.

Les there'll be hundreds of bag pipe bands coming down here in a moment. It will be great.

I'll beleive it when I see it.

Sometime latter.

There is plenty of noise.

After all that excitment we sit down in a nice little place to eat.

The menu is extensive and the food that comes is plentiful and delicious.

We some some street acts

and slowly make our way up the Royal Mile

Pushing my mom in her wheelchiar through the crowds until we make it to the Whisky shop. Where by no body byes nothing - with Les saying I can get it cheaper in Tesco's so I will.

Some whiskies I hope arn't avaiable in Tesco's which is what I thought this place was all about.

We sit in the Whiskie cafe and have a cup of tea while

my dad and brother try some of the odder whiskies at the bar.

From here we make our way back to the apartment for a rest and a fish and chip dinner.

Once the fish and chips were down we got a taxi as far as we could up the hill and then joined the crowds.

It was very exciting to await the bands.

HEre was glamour, action

and the usual, unusual band moments.

With a clear sky the fireworks began and painted the black canvas in many rainbow colours

The came with the lone piper playing

then everyone left but us.

We made our way slowly down the hill behind the crowds

And looking forward to bed.

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