Friday, August 06, 2010

Friday morning I get up collect my brother and head on up the M6 on the mist and wet weather. We are on our way to Edinburgh - The photos can all be seen by clicking the photo above.

We stop at Tebay which I guess due to the wet weather was full so we just a piss stop here and then moved on. After about another hour we stop had a 3 peice KFC at a reasonable price oddly and then carried on. Then we stopped at the junction you get off for Edinburgh.

From here on it was single file traffic and the weather brightened up somewhat.

A few hours latter we are in York Place. I park the car around the back, there being spaces for a change and find out Les is a fair few hours away in the Scottish hills still.

I get the car for the apartment and then ponder what we should do.

I drag my brother into the tiles.

A nice setting for a Friday afternoon.

Here we sink a fair few pints and have a jolly good time.

We move pub and Les arrives, without BEardy? But you know what Les?

Do you ever get the feeling the English arn't welcome here?

We go back to the apartment, Beardy is there.

We have some dinner and I read the paper. Intresting the bands will all be parading down the Royal Mile to Holyrood Park tommorrow at dinner time, how exciting.

We go back to the pub where the English flag isn't flying and have another beer before heading over to the

Comedy Stand.

We get there nice and early so that we don't have to sit at the front. Which is ironic really as one of the things that comes up is 'whos been here before? she lokks at the people sitting at the front and say's its odd how all the people who've been here before arn't sitting at the front isn't it. Hello to you newbies at the front. Your about to find out why they hav'nt.

The beers and jokes flow

and Beardy even tries to crack a smile.

until we try to get him to go to the bar.

Before you know it at's around 2:30am and time to go across the road to bed.

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