Friday, August 20, 2010

Me and my brother go for a curry at Jivans. I collect him straight from work pondering how bad the traffic is going to be on the M6 to Stafford and then at Gailey Island on the way back. Well I saw noe ie zero traffic. The mortorway was very quiet. Nobody at Gailey island either. Perhaps the damp weather was putting them off. Mind they seem to have gone over the top with all these cones. Anyway back to Jivans. The food is so good yet the toleits so well uttely unacceptable. How they get past H&S is beyond me. Is the ladies is better I ponder?

And after an exciting week in the Big Brither House it is time for 4 of them to go. Only 4 left ah and not one of them intrested in the £100K, so I guess when they come out they wouldn't mind handing it over to me!


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