Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Saturday morning I collect Al and Zoe up from the village shop in Worfield. From here we head over to the Poades and

a night out in Harborne starting in a pub then heading to Pizza Express.

Once bitten twice shy I stay away from Etna. But Poade wants me to try something different - but still hot. I dissaprove and have an Americano with extra extra jalapenos.

After a fair few other pubs and Alan endeding up with the booby drink inthe White Horse once more we stop off at Mr Kings. Nope not the curry house but a a fish and chip shop. I promptly make a mess in Poades kitchen.

While eating too many chips I admire the lamp shade.

Alan expresses his concern that he thinks we are being watched.

I'm deffinetly being stared at.

Ok so we bought all these chips and a pint of curry sauce. And none of us really wanted them And so it was off to bed to sleep for a while. Well a long while. Until 11:30am but the clock in my bed room said it was 10:30am ;)


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