Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sunday I wake up and in time for a hearty breakfast.

It would seem so had everybody else.

From breakfast back to the hotel to pack.

I don't mind people smoking what what I do mind

are ashole smokers.

Another day another journey up the Royal mile hill.

I get a bottle of wiskey from the shop for Al.

All very exctied about the purchases we think about what we are going to do next.

We wander down the hill in the crowds

and the local barbarians

As I said we head down the hill holding onto the wheelchair tightly.

past Decon Brodyes Tavern where last year the serivce was o poor and the food.

and into street entertainment area.

Well they thought they were funny

We stop for a cup of tea and Beardy exclaims how much fun he is having.

Now if he went to the toliet he would have noticed this place 'Always Sunday' likes to store its fresh salad items on the floor in the corridor next the toliet facilites. Can this be right?

Outside a woman is making a protest about this. I'm just thinking thank god I didn't have a salad in Always Sunday with my cup of tea.

all this is going on and Les is thinking why is he taking so long chosing a tartan tie and why is everyone staring at me.

The veiws from here are great.

Well is there anything else anyone wants to see?

My mom wants to go to Lakelands and so off we go.

Some time later and we are in a park enjoying the Scottish sun once more.

Beardy however has had enough and

decides to walk it home.

Later we stop at Teebay to have Sunday dinner overlooking the duck pond! Oddly duck is on the menu and there are none in the pond.

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