Sunday, August 15, 2010

While I was in town I brought some new pumps. And then promptly put my beloved Vans in the bin. Thery had become so uncomfortable it needed to be doen there and then. And with them went the 10 year old or more Eliese pumps.

I also got 3 pairs of shorts and a new sweat top. I'm not sure why I got 3 new pairs of shorts - I have enough already!

And so shockingly for the first time this year out comes the yellow mean machine.

Having given up the gym it was time to ride and this Sunday was a mighty fine eveing to got out on. I'd forgetton just how much I enjoyed riding.

You got to imagine that when your paying gym membship fees why would you ride your bike when you could make use of the gym. But I did forget how much I ewnjoy riding. Thatis as long as it dosn't rain.

I stop at the Greenies to see what damage has been done to the wall.

And then make it home jsut before dark. Which gets me thinking I could do with some ligths as it gets dark so quick now.

I spend the rest of the night watching Big Brother with the cat.


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