Sunday, August 22, 2010

With my new tyres on and

The speed gizmo set up

it was timne to go for a ride.

And as the sun was out and it has been a week

it was time to do a the longer circuit.

and so off I went

whizzing along

look at that speed

queit lanes

ah here comes the cananl bridge and

up we go - slow anyway

nearly at the top

and there is a nice veiw.

And so the long route is down here.

down the cannal

under what is a lot of bridges

grassy paths

I like it

another bridge

wonderful views

soft grass to amble along

all on my own

another bridge

harder path way

another bridge

pathway now wider

and not so wide

it just goes on and on

ah the fancy bridge

under the avenue

nice brick work

and on we go

not far now

another bridge under the Codsall road



a view of Brewood


another bridge near Brewwod Middle School

a few morred barges

pazz zing

another bridge next to the Bridge pub

Moor barges moored

away from Brewood

more scenery

and this is where I get off - Brewood holiday resort.

Down some lanes

or two

and whats this

This wasn't here before

I must make it part of the route

zippedy do

and out the otherside

down an alley

onto a road

and another

taking a right

nip down here and to the left into

hall farm road

to the bottom take a left and then

a right. I know I know

its a long up hill here

and up

this requires peddle power

still going up

and up

and up

straight across the road and up

and up

and level

missing the horse doings

and slowly going down

past dogging central

take a right and whizz along

dangerous junction

home straight

much like this orad marking

peddle power

not far now

as if

back home once I take a


thankgod for that I'm exhausted.


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