Thursday, July 29, 2010

With North getting hitched to Kirsty we did the tradishional thing and went to the Swan in Brewood. And just as me and Les parked up in the car park there was a call from Deadman. "What do you mean your trying to get the bus to Brewwod fro Wolvo? You've just seen one go by and when is the next? Why do you think there is a next? LEs do you fancy getting Al and Zoe from Wolvo?" And so off we go.

Back in the pub deadmanjones ponders - I just don't get your bus system. One every what????

Yep the time here is well pecullar along with the bus service.

We obviously try to drink sensibly so that we can get up early.

Everyone else is gone and Chris does his best to keep us from going but hey we want to go to a fine dinning establishment in Wolvo. Thats right Lazzes Kebabb house. Oh Doh....


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