Saturday, August 28, 2010

With the roof box on the car and full I wanted to see if the sat nav still worked. Why, well the areial ends up under the box. We alll get in the car and head towards Manchester at a very slow rate. In fact we get off at sandbach for dinner. It was that or sit at standstill.

A while latter and the sat nav gets us there. It definetly took the long route though.

A few pounds lighter and a flick of the snowboard club card we are in.

and to my surprise the place is empty. They must all be on the M6 still.

Exciting stuff but I stayed with my mom until she felt well secure.

Once on the slope though it was good to see her happy and doing something she loves.

Which gave me a moment to have

a few goes form the top.

before you knew it the time was up and I washied I had longer. My mom though was exhusted.

We did some shopping before heading over to the Castle in the Sky

for tea.

There's nothing like a burger that bigger than you mouth for tea.

And so the day went by to night. I passed Alan's to drop off his bottle of Whisky and headed off home for a good nights sleep.


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