Thursday, September 30, 2010

The bloody air con on the Eunos has stopped working. So I take it in to Aircon Medic at The Scott Arms. Looks like the 15 year old condensor has finaly just got old and started to leak. Well a replacment isn't cheap especialy if you get it from MX5 parts some £280!. So I don't, first place I try to order one from is Arron radiators and the cheapest place.. Yep they have on on the computer but they don't have one to sell to me or are likely to - told me to try a dealer! So next I order one online from UK cooling at £135. Well it comes quickly.

But when I open the box it dosen't look good.

And put of the box it looks even worse!

Ouch. Looks like someone in Tiwan must have dropped it and then lobbed it in the box anyway. Great I have to end up with it. Anyway its going back although I've got to wait a short while for another one as they have no more in stock either now!


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