Sunday, September 19, 2010

I wake up around 8am thinking should I go to the MX5 rally at Chatsworth House or not. I'm still not feeling well and its raining. My cars going to look a mess as I was to shatered from not feeling well yesterday either so I did not clean it. At the the end of the day a drive out my do me good so I get up program the sat nav and head to the peak district.

I get there around 10:30 ish and I have obviosuly lef the sat nav in take the shortest route without motorways option, which has given my a nice country side ride in. Although me car is probaly dirtier than ever by now.

I get my yearly badge and place it the others on the inside of my boot lid.

I have a wander around and there does't seem to be any VR A or B's around. There seems to be some B2's although I would guess the owners do not realise looking at the cars and wrong wheels etc being on them. Such a shame. It is wet here today and that always puts a dampener on this car displays.

Here's a car I hav't seen at one of the rallys before. And with the colour I think it looks really good. However as you get closer the cars bodywork is a bit ropey. Shame.

I could go into the house but I just don't facny going indoors. There doesn't seem to be a burger bar here either. Its pasties or nothing!

Later on I go and get my car, look at the map and

take some realy single track country lanes around some very unpopulated moorish areas with the roof down. It was great. And when I got home I treated the car to a wash!

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