Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Left work and got a lift to Moore Street Station where I walked to New Street Statiom, went to WHSmiths and then the pub inthe station. I had a pint which took me to about the train time.

I had dinner on the train and lots of tea, sat back as the pendulino took the strain.

When I arrived at Euston, Zoe and Alan were on their way to meet me. We took my bags to the near by accomadation, which was nice and then headed round the back of Euston Square to a pub just round the corner to where Les had been sick once. Alan asked if I wanted to go out for tea. He was thinking of an Indian around the corner. What he failed to mention until we got to the door was a vegatarin indian restuarant!. He offered to go to the one across the road but I went with it. Would I miss the chciken, hell actually with the dishes I had, I was most surprised and enjoyed it! Alan promptly tried to make us wlak the calories off by taking the longest way home possible. Although it was more picturesque then Euston Road.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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