Thursday, September 09, 2010

So Alan had book the Eurostar for 7:30. So that ment we had to check in by 6:30am. Very clever thinking. Oddly though I know he doen't like getting up early either. We get up and leave the accomadation a day break.

As we near St Pancreas Station the streets are already alive.

Through security with no pavalorla like last year, we even have time for a cup of tea and breakfast in a coffee shop and a moment to get some guide books, before going up the esculators and

boarding the train.

Zoe falls asleep and I think about expanding my knowledge by

studying the sun.

An hour later (think about it) and we are in the center of Europe Brussels (unless your French and then I guess you expected me to say Paris).

I wave goodbye to the driver of the train and head into the homeland of great beer.

Alan and Zoe ask what I want to do. It took some thinking to get the logistics right but what I really, really wanted to do was

Visit the big silver thing with big silver balls in the sky. And Alan got us there via some art underground stations.

I went and got some tickets for the Atomium and also for somewhere else that I knew they would be so greatful for.

Inside there was a exhibition about why the big silver thing with balls was built and why the surrounding area is so delorict. Something to do with 1958. Building number 5 is still standing though. Zoe exclaims this place is fab nack. Well so Hhold onto that excitment because upstiars some designers have been busy putting out a few items of there work.

Take for instance this pile of boxes. Nice... or...

this chair and lamp. Now that is impressive. And if you didn't think that was enough to expand your mind, you could enter another big silver ball (also known as a sphere - I looked it up on the sun).

and mull over the work with a sandwhich, a glass of bubbly and the designers themselves. No the designers are not in the picture above, they were just hanging from the ceiling of the bigh silver ball that we were now standing in thinking do they speak English because if they do we are in trouble. Nice snacks though.

We left the big silver thing and headed towards the next attraction I got tickets for, I could see Aln and Zoe could not wait, afterall they got a glimps of it from the windows of the big silver balls.

As we walked away I admired the chemical IBC which must have been in one of the previous exhibitions.

We headed over to the other park entrance near the tram station.

Alan advised he could do with a snack and we promptly got lead into the

Snack Titi bar.

He must have read about this place is a guide book or somthing as at this place you got good portions. I don't know how he got it all in him?

And so here we are in the Center of Europe in Mini Europe. Exciting eh. No need to visit all those countries just come here.

Alan commented how he was glad that at least there was no dressing up involved. Somehow I think his mind was still in Snack Titi Bar.

Some of the more intresting items were the Euro tunnel, were they seem to think the Euro Star is Intercity 125. Nice thought but we would still be getting here.

And there no need to visit Paris for that romantic weekend anymore.

Perhaps my favourite was the button on the volcano which allowed you to make a rain cloud. I liked this button a little too much perhaps?

And then there is Pisa. You may not be able to climb to the top of the tower but

You can still hold it up!

And the peair of restistance is here. But before we left in the rain I made a short video of it so you don't have to get wet.

Keep watching.....

Inside the place and well you can dance oddly.

Not being able to take any more excitment it is time to get the train to Brugge.

Once on the train Zoe could think of only one thing. For someone to take her rucsack off her.

and then we had time to relax for an hour.

We get to Brugge and Aln is off like a super human. Obvously he wants to get to a bar sooner rather than latter.

Outside the station we have a vote for a taxi or not for a taxi. Minutes later we are in Brugge town.

The apartment is large enough and the position excellent.

And so after a while we wander into the streets for the look of dinner and beer.

We end up in an exqusit Morrocann restuarant. Something new and what turned out to be heavenly nice.

After we wander further down the round to our favourite bar from Last year the DEK ELK EEN.

Where we sample one too many beers perhaps?

We can no longer talk but can only communicate via sign langauge.

Perhaps frites in the square will soak up some of the beer we have consumed.

And so at some rediculous time in the morning we call it a good night.


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