Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Well you knwo how one thing leads to another well the boot power socket has stopped working. Quite frank I'm not suprised. The terminals behind the socket are not covered and are mm away from the meatl car body. I guess by moving the trim they have shorted. Give VAG their due they have put an insulating pad on the car body where it might touch but to ensure it dosn't happen again I tapped the bare tabs up. Whats so hard about that???? Anyway getting to the fuse. Well one would think it would be with the rest of the fuses behind the cover on the right hand side. Well your bloody wrong. First of all take that cover off. Undo the lower two screws. Now remove two screws from the lower facia section along the bottom. Removed yeah. Now just pull gently. Holly pork the whole front comes away.

What do we have here then??? A relay holder and some more fuses hidden away. The one for the power socket is behind theat wiring loom, to the lower left of the blue relay. Changed and pizzazz power in the boot once more.


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