Sunday, October 10, 2010

Remember that Technika 10" Digital photo frame I had from Tesco's and recently had it replace under warranty. Well the crashing problem is solved - well worked around. Although I resize the picutres to 1024 X 800 to get more on the memory card and also the unit doesn't have to process them down, the unit still can not cope with changing the picture as often as the options let you. So although it has thye option to change every 5 seconds and to change every 10 seconds, the best it can do in reality is to change every 15 seconds. After that its a mighty every minute. I guess this is the problem my old one had too making it crash. Anyway its been running fine for 5 days now, slowly going throught the 1000's of pictures I've put on it changing every 15 seconds.


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