Saturday, October 02, 2010

Saturday night was party night of the 40th kind.

We all went donw to the Mosely Parklands for a big meal and some booze and obvously to get togeather.

For some the excitment was way too much, especialy those I'd seen the night before.

Lots of bottles of red wine were swiged by some.

And the crowd got rowdy.

too rowdy in fact and someone took offense and a fight broke out.

Not that we knew about it until the desserts came.

When we got told the bar was now closed due to the fight? Eh what fight.

Not that Martin cared. He was busy munching through his dessert to share which he didn't want to....

and soon changed seat when Les kept helping himself.

There's nothing like a peice of pink ribbon.

Green casual looks into the camera.

The booze we have starts to dry up. Some coffees are ordered.

And some very happy people leave

the pub n peice and quiet.


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