Sunday, October 03, 2010

When the rain did stop I got out and tried out those roof bars. I initaly struggled to get them to fit, but here they are on the car.

Not exactly fetching but then they are ment ot be more practical then glamourous. They do seem to stand high though compare to the cheap bars we have got.

They do have a better security arrangment onthem though. And so we took it for a spin to see what the wind noise is like. And while there is some, surprsingly they are quiet evenat motorway speeds. Odd that considering they don't look at all aerodynamic.

Once tested I took them off my car. Took the old bars off my dad's and put them on there.

Oddly they fitted better on his than mine! They look better on his car too! We will have to try the roof box on it too at some point.


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