Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday night and afterwork I got home and got ready for the 2nd Coen Beer Festival.

Possible the second most exciting function that happens in Coven every year.

Green and a few others were already there. And I am amazed at who many bags of scratchins Greenie got through on the night. I though I ate unhealthilly but I'm not the worst. He also had some Grey peas and a pok bap.

And whilst we were only drinking halfs it made far more sense to use pint glasses. Believe me it just felt better.

They even went to the expense of putting on a band that played some dam good tunes all night.

Les only moaned about the thought of having baked beans on his cornfalks and bake bean juice for a drink.

And he even showed me which Nokia model phone he has but to be hoest its too late. I've already put an order in for a new phone - which is on its way from Hong Kong.

So here are the beers I had and how I rated them. My Top beer was by Slatter brewery in Stafford and the Brew - Artic. I gave it a mighty nine. Please note I had this pint early on so my judgemment was at its best then. A good night and I enjoed it but

at the end of the night. What goes in must come out.


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