Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday morning and off I popped to Elsemereport. Now I could have goe via the A41 or the M6. I choose the M^ and wished I had gone up the A41. On the way back I went home on the A41, but wished I hadn't as some of it is completely closed off. Anyway in the middle of nowhere I pull into a pub. Sign says good food, but have you seen one that say bad food?

The pub looks closed but a buther delivery man is just shutting up his van. I ask if the pub is open and apparently it is. And he tells me the food is good, homemade none of that micro wayed / boil in the bag crap. But then he did say it was his meat they are selling cooked so he wouldn't say any different. In fact inside the pub was so much more welcoming and cosy than the uninviting outside. It also looked shut as the only people in there was me and my mom! Anyway the service was nice and welcoming and the food was fantastic. But then the chef did only have two poeple to cook for intialy. Some more poeple did come in and if your in the area perhaps you should give the Calverley Arms a try.

Later on and I mean much latter on that night a Cobra can only mean one thing.

A late tea of curry in Jivans. Well I was full from dinner time.

While my brother had the usual I had to let the waitress know I definetly wanted a bhooona for a change. Erm nice and red.

It obvousdly gave my brother bad wind.

A fair few beers later I was plastered and ready for bed actually.


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