Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well my brother said I wouldn't like this film but he was wrong. Its about the birth of Facebook hence I'm guessing why he said it and to which to be frank when you randomly choice to watch something without reading about it first you could be in for a couple of hours bordem.

If your into fast actioned films then this isn't for you, theres no shooting, explosions or killing. Its about being sued. By your best mate, who you pissed off and two people you said you would program a website for but then improve the idea and build it for yourself for your own means and being first out there.

In the end he was well loaded which is so odd considering he never did it for the money and was not a money person. Yet he didn't want to share it with his best mate whom he pissed on. Rightly though I wouldn't have wanted to have paid the other two off. This film could have been so boring but it has been well made and will add it to the now slowly growing BlueRay collection when iI can get my hands on a copy.


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