Saturday, December 18, 2010

7:30 came and it was time to go. Beardy hadn't turned up though. A quick call on the phone and he said he was 7 inches away from the front door.

I'm not sure though what his 7 inches is the same as everyone elses.

Once at Brewood we go to the Swan for a few drinks and to meet the Walkers and Greenies.

We merranda over to the Mess where they come to take our drink orders. Most people want wine but me...

I want the free lager.

which turns out not to be free at all but Freedom Lager. Now Alan would like this because it was well a toffee flavour dark beer. Not this Pilsner ion the photo - nope I really liked that. I'm talking about this..

A much darker beer with flavour. Now bring back the Pils

ah thats better.

The starters came and well mine was nice. But Beardy wasn't keen on the pate. but then he'd never had pate before. I tried it and it was mighty fine pate.

Not to worry Beardy chirmed - I'm looking ofrward to my fish.

Although he did seem to think there was something missing when it came. Was it the batter? or was it the chips?

I on the other hand had pig belly complete with skin. Ah yummy.

And out of this family which is the most evil?

Yep its got to be the brother.

Eventually everyone goes home. Even the waiter. I look outside and

it looks mighty cold out there.

In fact it is a mild -11.5deg C!


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