Monday, December 06, 2010

And on Love Film tonight is... The Proposition. staring Roay Winstone. Now if you want a slow slow Western but Australia then this film is for you. Be warned it is a very slow film. But if you make it all the way through awake it is a gem of a story. And if you like slow films try Winstones other slow film 44" chest. Anyway the offical blurp of the film is:

In the hostile and unforgiving Australian Outback of the 1880's, men live and die by the gun and justice comes at the end of a hangman's rope. Struggling to bring the order to the territory, a ruthless English police captain (Ray Winstone) hunts down the Burns gang - the brothers wanted for a brutal rape and murder. But while Charlie (Guy Pearce) and Mikey are taken prisoner, the gangs psychopathic leader escapes to their hideout in the hills. Determined to finish the job, the lawman makes Charlie a proposition - find his fugitive brother, kill him and young Mikey will be saved from the gallows.


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