Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve night. All the gifts wrapped and we are all set to go out early. Well that is apart from my brother who is unwell.

This year all the pubs in our village are open and so we decide to visit them all.

Starting at the Rainbow. Not many people in here yet. We have a pint and move on

to the Anochor where it is very very busy.

From here we make the long cold walk to the Four Ashes.

And it is long and it is cold.

But we do make it.

I go to the toliet not that I need to but that I need to pee on my hands to warm them up. Not hot water in the taps and the usual cold blow from the hand dryers.

Inside it is noce but there is no one in here either. We decide that MArtini Rosso chasers are in order when Gary and Sarah arrive soon followed by Northy and Kirsty.

And thus before you know it we are outside again on the move to

the Harrows.

Where Beardy gets the softie chair next to the fire. Guess we won't need to pee on our hands here then. A few more customers here but still very quiet.

And so the circle of light is closed by reaching the Rainbow once more.

We all consider what Santa might bring us.

But it looks like I will have to wait until Wednesday. I wander if it will be Turkey curry or not?

The masses leave the pub about midnight and LEs says we had better go or Santa will not stop if we are not in bed.

And so we say good night to each other and head off

home down the white path of hope.....

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